What's New This Year!

Compete Live! Athens has been evolving year-after-year!

New equipment and venues, fitness challenges and novelties, always in pace with the sport of fitness's evolution!

The previous year's participants and spectators opinions are always taken into account with the Ultimate Target to make Compete Live! Athens a permanent mark on your calendars year-after-year!


On 2016 we introduced the multiple venue model!

On 2017 we added another venue (Swimming Pavilion) and 1-2 more workouts per category. Moreover, that year, all of the Workouts were picked from CrossFit's Benchmark, Regionals and Games Workouts list!

On 2018 introduced electronic scoring and Leaderboard update as soon as each heat finishes! - Powered By Wodify Arena!


What’s New This Year?!

On 2019 we have 2 Surprises for you!


- New Team category with the option to compete in any combination of team-mates (3 Males, 3 Female, 2 Males+1 Female, 2 Females+1Male)


- New Surprise Event for Rx Category - Ranch Type, in undisclosed location that will drive competitors crazy!


Even More to be announced soon... stay tuned and reserve your place!


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