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Presenting The New “TEAM” Category

2019 Compete Live! Athens introduces a new "TEAM" Category

As always it is a Game Changer!

This Year, Compete Live! Athens introduces the Team Category for the 1st time!

Individuals that register under this Category, will Compete Live in Teams of three, that can consist of either:

  • 3 Males
  • 3 Females
  • 2 Males and 1 Female
  • 2 Females and 1 Male



  • All Teams, whatever their composition may be, will compete together on same grounds (3 Sports Venues) and on same Leaderboard!
  • Depending on their members’ gender, there would be different weights/exercises/scaling options for each male or female.
  • The competition may include any skills from the sport of fitness as well as any other functional movements.
  • The difficulty of the fitness tests will be augmenting, meaning they will go harder as the competition progress.
  • This is a Fun category for athletes that want to Compete Live with friends and do not want to compete alone as individuals.
  • Each Team will perform at a minimum of 4 events.
  • Each Team will get the competitor set times 3 (x3) one for each team member, personalized to their team’s specifics, plus 1 (+1) Team Banner/Flag!


More Information to be available soon!


Each team will accomodate 3 individual competitor spots, so hurry Up and reserve your spot to the Compete Live! Athens Summer Games!


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