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22 - 23 - 24 Ιουνίου

Ζήσε μια αυθεντική εμπειρία αγώνων -ΧΩΡΙΣ ΠΡΟΚΡΙΜΑΤΙΚΑ ΒΙΝΤΕΟ- σε 3 ξεκάθαρες κατηγορίες που ταιριάζουν σε ΟΛΑ τα επίπεδα αθλουμένων!

Ξεκάθαρες Κατηγορίες Αγωνιζομένων

Beginner, Intermediate ή Rx επίπεδα αγωνιζομένων, με συγκεκριμένες απαιτήσεις σε δεξιότητες

Διάλεξε Κάνε Εγγραφή Παίξε!

Διάλεξε κατηγορία - Κάνε Εγγραφή - Αγωνίσου Ζωντανά!

Want to live your first Competition Experience in as safe environment, or Challenge your fitness with good athletes from all over Europe? Maybe -you think- you are ready to take your game to the next level and compete with the Elite in unforseeable challenges! A distinct category for every fitness level and target!
Join a true Fitness Competition experience, adapted to your fitness level! Basic Skill requirements for athletes in the sport of fitness from 6 months to 1,5 year of experience and with the option to further scale the workouts!
Ready for the next step?! More skills required, more workouts, more challenges, suggested 1,5+ years of experience or level of fitness confidence! Take your game to the next level and play harder!
The True Fitness Test! Challenges out of the ordinary, for experienced athletes (more than 3,5 years of experience suggested or exceptional level of fitness). The category with the most challenges, highest intensities, full skillset and heavier loads. Can you make it to the finish line?!
NEW Way To Compete!
Choose 2 Friends (3 Females, 3 Males or any Combination!) and Live the Experience of Compete Live! against other Teams!

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Compete Live! Now

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✓ Competition Swimming cap
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✓ All Categories
✓ Competition T-Shirt
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✓ Competition T-Shirt
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